DOON, IA – 51235 – Phoenix Financial Group – Tax Help

DOON, IA – 51235 – Phoenix Financial Group – Tax Help

Phoenix Financial Group can help people that live in or near DOON, IA – 51235 resolve their past due tax debts. If you are receiving threatening letters or phone calls, now is the time to get professional help. Do you know all of your rights? We do. We specialize in resolving past due tax balances with the IRS and the Iowa Department of Revenue. If you live in DOON, IA – 51235, Phoenix Financial Group can help you resolve your past due tax problem. We can help you: get an affordable payment plan, reduce the size of your debt through a penalty abatement or Offer in Compromise, get your bank levy released, prevent bank levies, garnishments and seizures and more. We can help you with all tax types including: 941 Employer’s Quarterly Wtihholding Tax, 1040 Personal Income Tax, 1120 Corporate Income Tax, 940 Federal Unemployment Tax, Iowa Withholding and more. Our enrolled agents and enrolled agents have over a 100 years of combined experience in the tax resolution industry. Phoenix Financial Group is A Rated with the Better Business Bureau. Ask to see our extensive reference list of satisfied clients who will vouch for our services and integrity. Call Phoenix Financial Group at (888) 572-2179 today!!

If you or your business are located in DOON, IA – 51235 call Phoenix Financial Group at (866) 672-1067 for a free consultation.

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Most Common IRS Forms

Letter 1058 : Notice of Intent to Levy

Letter CP504 : Notice of Intent to Levy

Form 668y : Notice of Federal Tax Lien

Form 668a : Notice of Levy on Bank Accounts or Accounts Receivable

Form CP91 : Intent to Levy Social Security

Form 656 : Offer in Compromise

Form 12153 : Collection Due Process

Form 843 : Penalty Abatement

Form 911 : Taxpayer Advocate

Form 668w : Notice of Levy on Wages or Other Income

Form 2751 : Proposed Assessment of Trust Fund Recovery Penalty